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Today we want to share with you an excellent article on an approach to computer programming that is widely used for the lisp family, Common Lisp and Arc  programming languages are mentioned in the article.

An extract:

"Experienced Lisp programmers divide up their programs differently. As well as top-down design, they follow a principle which could be called bottom-up design-- changing the language to suit the problem. In Lisp, you don't just write your program down toward the language, you also build the language up toward your program. As you're writing a program you may think "I wish Lisp had such-and-such an operator." So you go and write it. Afterward you realize that using the new operator would simplify the design of another part of the program, and so on "

This is a must read for us lucky ones who have the pleasure of programming in Lisp.

Have fun!

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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