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If you are a programmer, System Engineer, computer scientist and / or somehow have contact with the world of Software development, it is likely that you know of a case where an excellent programmer leaves the company where he was employed for a few years to launch and undertake and change the world with his talent, bored of the monotonous and little challenging tasks that his job presents him daily.

This programmer and enthusiastic businessman, launches into the construction of a new software that will revolutionize some area of ​​human endeavor, is determined and knows he can do it.


Some time later we found out that after working hard, he has not achieved anywhere near the level of success that he had set for himself as a goal, and perhaps he has even returned to being employed in some company.

What is this about?

Sharp Joel Spolsky shares his vision to explain this, he calls it "The Development Abstraction Layer", and it is quite good, personally, after my experiences in this computer world I must say that I reached a similar conclusion.

Very good reading, and from there, the entrepreneurs of Software development, we can better understand what happens in these cases and why not? We even succeed where others don't.



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