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SLY - Sylvester the Cat's Common Lisp IDE

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SLY is Sylvester the Cat's Common Lisp IDE for Emacs.

From their github repository page:

"SLY is a fork of SLIME and contains the following improvements upon it:

    Completely redesigned REPL based on Emacs's own full-featured comint.el;
    Live code annotations via a new sly-stickers contrib;
    Consistent interactive button interface. Everything can be copied to the REPL;
    Modern flex-style completion. Much snappier when using company, and no plugin required;
    Cleanly ASDF-loaded by default, including contribs, which are enabled out-of-the-box;
    Multiple inspectors;
    Support for NAMED-READTABLES, macrostep.el and quicklisp

SLY tracks SLIME's bugfixes. All its familar features (debugger, inspector, xref, etc...) are still available, with improved overall UX.

You can check it at:

Have fun!

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