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Hakkei (発勁), roughly translated as "Release internal power" is explosive/raw power.

The purpose of Hakkei is to allow the fighter to use their energy in an explosive manner with the least amount of actual physical movement possible, and is not specific to any particular striking method.

In the context of internal martial arts, this process commonly seen as a set of methods capable of generating the energy focused and released through many  muscle groups (particularly in the waist and torso) from the Hara - 腹 (which means simply "belly").

 In Chinese, Korean, and Japanese traditions, the Hara is considered the physical center of gravity of the human body and is the seat of one's internal energy (Ki).

Many martial art styles, emphasise the importance of "moving from the hara", i.e. moving from the centre of one's very being – body and mind.

To generate the Hakkei, according to the traditional explanation, it is necessary to transfer power from the hara towards the limb or body part (e.g. shoulder, head, hip) that will perform the technique with explosive force.

Hakkei allows feats with far less visual physical expression such as the one-inch punch.

"In terms of physics, it is a simple matter of body alignment, coordination, and torque.

The body begins in a relaxed physical state, which is then quickly accelerated like a "whip" in a coordinated movement of the entire body.

Generally, the strike is immediately retracted after contact to shorten impact time, which theoretically increases the impulse of the strike."


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