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By Nir Eyal

Today I read this amazing information on better time management for a better quality of life. From the title, and from the author of course, I felt that I was in front of a valuable work, well I was right!

Time management for a better quality of life, and for reach our goals is an fascinating and important subject, and there is a lot of material out there about this, bust this way of approach the problem is really novel and, I  think, is an improvement in the field.

Some of the pearls You can find in the article are:

  • "A distraction is any action that pulls us away from what we intend to do. The opposite of distraction is not “focus.” It’s “traction.”"
  • "To free yourself from the tyranny of the to-do list, you must break the habit of looking at your list to tell you what to do. So what’s the alternative? It’s time to upgrade your life OS and build a weekly schedule instead."
  • "Planning in advance how you intend to spend your time is the only way to know the difference between traction (what you said you would do) and distraction (anything else)."
  • "From now on, measure yourself not by what you finished, but whether you did what you said you would do, for as long as you said you would, without distraction." 
  • "...using a schedule brings back the fun in life by relieving the feeling that you should be doing something else. If you’ve scheduled time to play video games, there’s nowhere else you should be and nothing else you should do. You can finally enjoy leisure time without guilt."

So, don't doubt and go to read the full article which contains a lot more information and advice in:

There you can also find a schedule maker free tool provided by the author, and also one video explaining how to create a timeboxed weekly schedule.

Bon appetit.

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