ikkinomicsEn 2022-04-26 20:41:57

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Today was another bad day for the markets,  mainly for the worst than expected earnings report from Alphabet Inc  (NASDAQ:GOOGL) who missed the estimates by -4.35% and also  by the general sentiment that the global economy could slowdown because  new Covid quarantines and the Putin's invasion of Ukraine wich is still ongoing

Here the graph for SPX today:

Most of the day it was on a clear downtrend.

If we take a look at the heat map, we can see it was on fire:

The negative sentiment weighted even on Microsoft  (NASDAQ:MSFT) despite it topping the estimates by 1.43%. As we can see on the heat map, MSFT falled -3.74% today.

Most than usual, it's good idea to follow the rules of your strategy with discipline, be careful and protect your capital.

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