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Yoshida-ha Shidare Yanagi-ryu Aiki Bugei


Here is a timeline of the  school:

  •     1600's - According to  Yumio Nawa (a celebrated historian of martial arts) An anonymous member of the Yoshida Family was teaching Tessen, Jutte, and Hojojutsu to the Yagyu Ryu sword school. (1)

  •     1900 - At the beginning of the XX century, Yoshida Kotaro  is the inheritor of Yanagi Ryu. (1)

  •  1916 - Morihei Ueshiba enrolls as a student of Sokaku Takeda with an introduction by Kotaro Yoshida. (2)

  •     1930's  - Kenji Yoshida is portrayed in his family's house, in japan, in the wall behind him there is a hanging scroll, which reads "Yanagi-ryu aiki bugei." (3)

  •     1933 - May 31, Donald (Don) Angier was born in 1933 in Utica, New York. His father was of French extraction, but always claimed to be Irish because his paternal grandfather had emigrated from Ireland where the family had lived for generations, descended from the Earl of Balfour. His mother was Mohawk Indian. (3)(10)

  •     1941? - Kenji Yoshida arrives to Terminal Island, California, USA; after he escapes from Japan because of political differences with his father. Previous destinations on his route were Argentina and Costa Rica. (3)

  •     1948 - Don Angier meets Kenji Yoshida, and starts his training in Yanagi Ryu Ha. (3)

  •      1952  - Kenji Yoshida finish the training of Don Angier, passing him their family art, adopts him as his son, naming him Kensaburo Yoshida. (3)

  •     1954 - Kenji Yoshida pass away from pneumonia caused by silicosis. (3)

  •     1955 - Don Angier Opens their first Dojo in the Westlake Park (now MacArthur Park) area of Los Angeles California. (3)

  •     1959 - Don Angier meets Ark-Yuey Wong, of whom he said: "He was indeed a wonderful man and artist, and I must admit that some of the things he showed me helped me understand my own art more fully." (3)

  •     1962 - Opening of a branch dojo in Lynwood, California. (3)

  •      1963 - katsuyuki Kondo becames student of Kotaro Yoshida in Namekawa in Mito Ibaraki Prefecture , Japan. He writes about these times: "Yoshida Sensei has been awarded another Scroll that was not from the Daito-ryu School. Among his personal techniques where the tessenjutsu (iron-fan techniques)." and "Yoshida Sensei taught us how to use the iron fan ans move our wrists, and he emphasized that this was important in  the beginning stage of our training." (2)

  •     1964 - Closing of  the Los  Angeles Dojo. (3)

  •     1977 - October 01, Jeremy Breazeale is born in Portland, Oregon, USA. (4)

  •     1987 - Closing of the Lynwood Dojo. Dropping of a temporally used ranking (kyu Dan) System. (3)

  •     1987 - Begins private only instruction, without publicity, and with a waiting list for possible students with one to three years of waiting before a interview. (3)

  •     1994 - Don Angier and Toby Threadgill visit Katsuyuki Kondo. Don and Kondo demonstrate iron fan techniques to one another using two fans, one that belonged to Kotaro and one that belonged to Sokaku Takeda. Kondo said that these he learned from Kotaro. They were basically identical to those being demonstrated by Don as Yanagi ryu. Kondo accepted Don as the inheritor of this system. (5)

  •  1998 - Jeremy Breazeale begins his study of Yanagi-Ryu with John Clodig in  Fallbrook, CA. (11)

  •  2001 - Jeremy Breazeale starts studying Yanagi-Ryu with Don Angier in Long Beach, CA (11)

  •  2004 - November - Don Angier adopts Jeremy Breazeale as his grandson. (11)

  •   2005 - january 1st,  Jeremy Breazeale, adoptive grand son of Don Angier,  is appointed as Soke Dai or inheritor for Don Angier. (1) (4)(7)(11)

  •     2011 - Don Angier grants the Okuden Menkyo to Jeremy Breazeale. (4)

  •     2014 - October 09, Don Angier pass away.  (6) (9)

  •     2014 - Jeremy Breazeale succeeds Don Angier as Soke, headmaster, of Shidare Yanagi ryu. (8)

Image: Don Angier Soke, Shidare Yanagi Ryu

Timeline compilation by Erick ikki López

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