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Among the countless stereotypes about young people is the belief that they manage money poorly.

Indeed, studies find that most twentysomethings fail at answering basic questions about stocks, mutual funds, and interest rates, and fewer than 40% of workers in their 20s participate in employer retirement plans.

But evidence also shows young adults behave wisely—when given the opportunity.

And those in their third decade still have plenty of time to learn basic principles that will lead to a happier, healthier financial life.

So, here we have 10 things to pay attention at: 

1. Negotiating pays dividends

2. "My credit score is..."

3. You need emergency savings—no ifs, ands, or buts



4. Managing your 401(k) can be simple


5. Debt is surmountable—if you don't ignore it

6. You're never too young for tax planning

7. A home isn't always an "investment" 

8. Expensive weddings are correlated with shorter marriages

9. Kids are very, very expensive

10. The race is long and with yourself



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