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Online "How to Design Programs" Book

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Currently, computer systems are present in practically all areas of human activity and are a fundamental component of the business world.

Given the above, the demand for programming professionals is constant and growing, and, sadly, the quantity and quality of programmers is not increasing.

This book is a classic, with many years of existence and being used and recognized as an excellent resource to learn programming, to design programs in a structured manner, and with quality.

The MIT press makes it available to those interested in improving their programming skills online.

We share the link to this valuable book, and we hope you take advantage of it.

As the authors say:

"...this book focuses on habits of good programming, addressing both professional and vocational programmers.

By “good programming,” we mean an approach to the creation of software that relies on systematic thought, planning, and understanding from the very beginning, at every stage, and for every step."

Here is the link:

How to Design Programs.

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You can't expect a proper solution to a programming problem unless you understand the problem on its own terms.